Monday, February 6, 2017

Suitable for boys wearing bracelets

First of all, from the material up points, men bracelet points in several elements, namely, metal, leather, beaded class, as well as textiles, mosaic, textile plus beads, metal cortex, and so on.
Sometimes even a bracelet will appear at the same time a variety of elements, as well as mix and match style, the back will say.
Luxury Shiny Gold Plated Bracelets Womens Hot Sell Wedding Jewelry
Luxury Shiny Gold Plated Bracelets Womens Hot Sell Wedding Jewelry
Metal bracelet material is divided into two types of precious metals and base metals.
Precious metals are platinum, gold, silver, etc. (compared to other silver is not very expensive).
Base metals are copper, stainless steel, such as the domestic titanium steel (not including titanium, in fact, or stainless steel).
Thai silver may also be included in the base metal class, because some domestic Thai silver jewelry, in order to save costs, silver content is far below the 925 standard.

Platinum bracelet
Gold also has the color of the points, there are authentic golden yellow, as well as rose gold.
Gold bracelet
Cartier Needless to say, be domestically produced TV drama which has a higher rate of showing off one of the most feature-rich brands.
After all, the domestic public well-known international jewelry brands on a few, you have to get some low-key high-end goods, they are not necessarily knowledgeable.
Rose Gold, Rose Gold, the main individual feel more low-key than the local tyrant gold and taste some.
New Korean Stainless Steel Jewelry Woman Star and Beads
New Korean Stainless Steel Jewelry Woman Star and Beads
Cartier men’s Rose Gold bracelet series has a lot of color design, the domestic imitation models have been flying, casually a search everywhere are Cartier models.
Then, silver.
Do not say it looks like stainless steel.
Perhaps in the non-industry people, stainless steel jewelry and silver jewelry almost can not tell, but in fact the silver gloss is higher than the stainless steel.

Silver is easier to oxidation, are very delicate metal.
Wearing a sweat for a long time will lead to its oxidation, will soon be covered with a layer of black.

You can use silver or silver cleaning silver oxide to wash the oxidation of silver, in fact, remove the jewelry that oxidation of silver.
But anyway, both of the silver surface of the subtle damage, it is impossible to restore the original bright and smooth.

There is a domestic argument, said after wearing a silver dress, it means that the person wearing a bad health, is nonsense.
I would like to understand a little bit of chemistry can easily explain this principle.
Then, Thai silver, both retro old style of silver.

Do the old part is in the silver with the sulfide corrosion and erosion, and the formation of the glassy state of the cover, black and silver coating loose black, silver and silver clean and bright contrast, resulting in special visual effects.

Compared to the clean silver, Europe and the United States prefer the rough and simple elements of Thai silver jewelry, retro and wild.

Although the Thai silver is not what precious metals, but the main individual or prefer it more.
But the country is also rare girls wearing Thai silver jewelry, not to mention boys.
In fact, the effect of wearing Thai silver is very atmospheric.

Thai silver bracelet

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