Sunday, February 12, 2017

Korean accessories

Korean brand, in Korea has a high popularity, the design style of fine sweet little fresh girl, is also a personal favorite niche brand, necklace, earrings, bracelets, rings, watch design unique style is really super, update speed very fast Of the jewelry are 14K gold, part of the ring is 10K gold, and will not fade, it is flash, summer is really suitable for the ride, the price is moderate, necklace four or five hundred have, some earrings two or three hundred range.

JEUM, Gao Junxi last year in the hit Korean drama are Korean jewelry, there are Noonoo Fingers and Jeum these two brands, mainly to Jeum-based. Her family’s Rosemen series is biased towards light ripe line, the price will be relatively expensive.

Vintage Style Handmade Leather Rope Bracelets Mens Punk
Vintage Style Handmade Leather Rope Bracelets Mens Punk
Hand is a woman’s second face, in addition to good care of it, and ultimately, with fine jewelry to modify it! A few years ago the sprinkling of the very simple wind has been blowing in the past, slowly, fashion icon’s neck, wrist, earlobe, and began to slowly wear a variety of exquisite jewelry, and even a variety of stacked wear. Let’s take a look at the rings that are popular in 2016 today.

The knuckle is the ring that is worn at the joints of the joints. Joint Gold Promise ring can be thick and small, can be small or small, can be soft can be cold, wear in the usual little knot on the knuckles, so that each joint is fresh. After the birth of the joint ring rapid evolution, has evolved from a simple circle of a number of modeling. And a number of joint ring wear together, will look slender slender fingers Oh.

What kind of jewelry to wear?
Only belongs to your crown
Simple Thin Bangle Gold Plated Stainless Steel Can Wear Multilayer Style Womens Bangles Wedding Jewelry
Simple Thin Bangle Gold Plated Stainless Steel Can Wear Multilayer Style Womens Bangles Wedding Jewelry
A Diamond Wedding Rings in addition to the presence of guests and witnesses or a vowing period, a magnificent crown will definitely let you receive full praise. In particular, many of the bride who has the princess heart, to bring it, as if they do a day princess. A suitable crown, the United States was just right, but there will not seem cumbersome.
Royal blue temptation
Blue is more popular than pink girls, in the traditional wedding, pink means two marriage, although now the times have changed, but people still can not care about these. Then choose a blue Chain Necklaces decorate yourself, will make you look elegant atmosphere.
Pure gold flowers
Golden flowers always give people a feeling of very rustic, but a small amount of decorations will definitely make you in this fall wedding to get a retro and luxury, not only with the color of the season also allows you to have a better color.
In addition to love the luxury of the bride, there are a number of brides like simple wind Do not like the gorgeous accessories but do not want their wedding too monotonous how to do? Line of jewelry than luxury retro accessories more fashion sense, do not pick the wedding.

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