Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Girls’ ring wear and meaning

Rings are usually worn on the left hand, because wearing right hand is inconvenient, according to Chinese customs, engagement is usually worn on the left middle finger, married in the left hand ring finger. If unmarried girls should wear their right middle finger or ring finger, or a lot of suitors can not see you issued a single signal.

Simple Korean Purple Stone Rings Womens Silver Plated Alloy Big Rings
Simple Korean Purple Stone Rings Womens Silver Plated Alloy Big Rings
Each finger wearing a ring of different wear law is also a lot of significance. Thumb wearing a ring is rare in women, and occasionally meet some girls to wear, this method of wearing on behalf of the rights and desires, but also on behalf of self-confidence Vintage Engagement Rings. The index finger wearing a ring above, especially the right hand of women wearing, single male attention, which represents the girl is single waiting for love and the pursuit of this method of wearing is also suitable for some like free and easy girl.

The middle finger on the ring on behalf of the engagement, the girls fall in love or engagement can wear the ring on the middle finger, so you can let the pursuit of your boy and stop. Need to pay special attention to engagement and marriage is worn on the left middle finger Gold Promise Rings, unmarried can wear right hand. The ring finger is the most sacred finger, because the ring finger symbolizes marriage, it is connected with the heart is never separated, through the ring can feel each other’s love. The tail ring is wearing a mystery, meaning that they are not married or divorced their current single state.

Wearing a ring the meaning of five fingers

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Elegant Pink Semi-Precious Stone Rings Womens Silver
Wearing a ring on your thumb can help you reach your way to success. This is the meaning of ancient Roman records. The middle finger wears on the index finger will become smooth and independent; the middle finger is most suitable for wearing a wedding ring finger Stainless Steel Jewelry, ring wear on the middle finger to create the most comfortable atmosphere, make you become more attractive, there are heterosexual fate. Ring finger is connected with the heart, the most suitable for wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger. In the ring finger on the important points, the ring wear on the ring finger can be moderate to press the muscles. Little finger to convey is a charm sexy, wearing a ring in the little finger will have unexpected things happen, usually engaged in fashion-related workers like to wear.

If you want to give a girl like to send a marriage proposal Drop Earrings, then choose to send only one person Darry Ring love ring, wearing a girl left middle finger, to express life only love a person’s true love committed to.

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