Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hair and earrings with

Large ring earrings are popular this year’s style, at the same time, multi-purpose earrings popular, either for earrings to wear, can also be opened into the earrings and pendants. It reflects the young girls from one side of the variability and the pursuit of individual psychology.
Round face of the girl should wear a vertical earrings, long necklace; and face long-length women, should be selected to wear round earrings; square face type suitable for wearing small earrings or earrings to show their character.
Korean Simulation Pearl Rose Design Stud Earrings Womens
Korean Simulation Pearl Rose Design Stud Earrings Womens
Delicate women, should not wear large models of jewelry, should choose some small, delicate jewelry; tall people, you should not wear small jewelry.
Earrings color or texture should be coordinated with the color and dress color, the deployment of the same color can produce a harmonious beauty. Contrast with a relatively large color to be appropriate, can make people full of movement. A wooden necklace, it is best to buy the same texture Silver Stud Earrings. Darker people should not wear too bright and bright earrings, choose silver, such as pearl earrings to cover up the color of the dark; and white skin for women to wear red and dark earrings to set off the color of the brilliance.
Ladies dress girl, earrings should be small and elegant, so give a sense of purity. Professional women can wear simple earrings to work with suits, both female beauty, but also dignified and stable. Exaggerated geometric shapes, rough wood earrings, gypsy-style giant round earrings very wild taste, and Tsai clothing, jackets match, can make people full of uninhibited modern, do not have charm. Dinner is suitable to wear genuine earrings, both luxurious and elegant, but also with female charm Leather Jewelry.
Elegant Flower Design Stud Earrings Womens Simulated Pearl Inlaid Jewelry
Elegant Flower Design Stud Earrings Womens Simulated Pearl Inlaid Jewelry
Hair and earrings should be accompanied by long with a long, short with short hair style earrings consistent with the principle. Short hair and delicate earrings can be set off with women’s smart; classical hair with a pendant-style earrings elegant and elegant; a pile of chaotic chicken hair style, then the hair style, Should be consistent with the avant-garde rugged earrings.

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