Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How women wear jewelry

Although many women like jewelry, but really grasp the essentials of wearing jewelry is not much. Only by mastering the scientific method of wearing, in order to make their dress more moderately, more superior, more beautiful.
Women wearing jewelry in addition to the first section of this chapter describes the various secret, but also particularly the following points:
  1. Note the face
A variety of jewelry to wear, be sure to make the face the most attractive, because the female face is the most noticeable center. Face shape can be divided into round, oval, triangular and square type. Each face and jewelry, hair and clothing styles have an optimal mix of programs.
Elegant Flower Design Stud Earrings Womens
Elegant Flower Design Stud Earrings Womens
  1. attention to master the neck, pectoral wear
Western countries, people believe that the decoration of the success of this sanctuary for women, it means decorators emotional, demeanor and self-confidence.
  1. Read more popular information in the magazine
Choose a star as a follow-up object, it may well be a good idea.
Jewelry can really set off the beauty of women, if the clothing with a harmonious jewelry, but also increase the elegance of women’s temperament.

Eight, young people how to wear jewelry
The pursuit of costume beauty is human nature, but what is the United States, but it varies from person to person. In general, different ages have their own different beauty. To women, for example, the beauty of young girls is Ya Park, the beauty of young women in the pretty, middle-aged women’s beauty is Feng Yun, the elderly women’s beauty is Huanshuo. Therefore, the jewelry must be worn with the wearer’s age appropriate.
Contemporary youth, rich in reform, pioneering and innovative spirit, he (she) who wear jewelry is necessary to reflect this spirit. In general, wearing jewelry to follow the following principles:
  1. Novel shape, novel structure
To get rid of the old traditional model. Like science fiction jewelry, asymmetric jewelry, large jewelry, exaggerated jewelry is unprecedented. These are representative of the trendy, rich flavor of the times, highlighting the contemporary young people’s style.
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Star of David Design Stud Earrings Mens Gothic Stainless Steel Unisex Jewelry
  1. Fantastic idea, outstanding personality
Style freely, the size of the length of casually. Material novelty, not seeking expensive. Imitation gold, gold-plated, gold, natural, synthetic materials can be. Function singular, light brooch, singing necklaces, health rings, etc., are relatively novel jewelry.
  1. Color bright, this is the young people to wear jewelry should pay attention to the key
Natural beauty, artificial beauty to do in the performance of these jewelry, red orange yellow green green blue violet, brilliant luster, eye-catching, the young man’s performance was vividly.
For example: girls or young women just step, choose triangular, round, irregular geometric shape and other shapes of earrings to wear, more girls to increase innocence, moving image; young people wearing novel style, full of change, colorful Crystal, ivory pearls and imitation gold like the necklace, so that more prominent youthful vitality and vitality.

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