Tuesday, February 7, 2017

All kinds of collars and necklace with tips

High and narrow small round neck, often a kind of a sense of oppression of the card with the neck, but also significantly shoulder width, significant chest, which is short or thick neck, shoulders wide, thick upper arm, chest fullness of women is very plump unfavorable.
So, if you wear a small collar jacket, I suggest you wear a natural sagging V-shaped short necklace. Necklace style can exaggerate some eye-catching, try to highlight the V-shaped necklace profile, thus weakening the sense of oppression of the small round neck.
Of course, if you slender neck and narrow shoulders, chest is flat, then you do not have to worry about wearing a small round collar Couple Necklace. But if you want to weaken the sense of oppression of small round neck, you can take a bunch of exaggerated eye-catching short necklace (Figure 3, 4), which can increase the neck layering!
Big round neck because revealing most of the skin around the clavicle, so do not worry about the short neck.
If the coat style itself is very fancy, a large print, with decorative flowers, then you can not wear a necklace. However, if the coat is a solid color and style, then, wearing a necklace is a good embellishment.
Chain Necklaces and short necklace can be! However, if you neck short or short face, then I suggest you wear a long necklace; if you neck slender, especially thin body type, or face narrow, it is recommended to wear short necklace.
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Such as the figure in the higher collar, and a wide collar type, called the ship collar. Because the ship is characterized by high collar and wide, it is easy to show the neck short and wide shoulders, and this time, if coupled with a long section of the necklace, you can break!
Deep V-neck and large V is particularly suitable for grasping the shoulder width, short neck, short face, face round, chest fullness of the sisters too! This can show the neck slender, and the face was long, was upper body thin.
If the big V-neck blouse more monotonous, you can wear multi-level long necklace to add a sense of hierarchy! (Figure 1, 2)
If the neck itself is more slender lady would like to wear sexy deep V-collar clothes, then you can wear a larger than eye-catching short necklace! This necklace to prevent the exposed neck and chest skin even into one, it will not look too long neck. http://www.bebesay.com/category-1155-b0.html

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