Sunday, July 14, 2013

bags should be aware

Go out with a bag is the habit of many women, and perhaps he is not much left to tape, but with a bag really necessary. This habit has become a culture, not only become a belt pack to accommodate tools, or portable decor. And fashion handbags
are also varied, with a reasonable occasion brought to the package, has become a culture. Bag no matter how beautiful, but also need to carry out proper maintenance work, if not careful maintenance, may have to change a few months package.

    How to do maintenance work bag it? Bought a new bag at the time, should a general leather bag, it is necessary to wash with soap gently wipe clean bag. If the beloved bag furrowed or have small scratches, do not worry, with the appropriate grease slowly wipe, you can make these blemishes disappear without a trace. When placing the bags should be aware that if a very humid place, we should pay attention to the often wipe moisture, it is best to always gave his bag on some maintenance oil, which can greatly extend the use of the bag life.
    Suede bag, the cleanup process should pay attention, use a soft brush to clear animals, with the brush too hard can cause surface hair loss and so on. If you are not careful with drinks and other materials in the bag dripping, remember to use the sponge dry, you can not use a hair dryer convenience, or do not wait for it to dry naturally processed.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

2013 summer women's fashion forward clothing that dress

2013 summer women's fashion forward clothing that dress. Today is a sunflower recommended dress flouncing Leisi Sha spinning.

This dress, using a sand spinning material, personal soft and more comfortable. Princess dress skirt more biased in favor of the trend, is designed for multiple ages women's fashion. A skirt with double-layer structure, the outermost layer of tulle leaving the overall look more perfect. Cuffs pore structure, more biased in favor of this year's fashion elements theme. Using doll collar collar, allowing you to wear them look younger. Lotus lace skirt work fine, but there are two styles to choose from. Blue is more biased in favor of older people is high, allowing you to more young and elegant.
This white sand spun dress, is biased in favor Girl Series, playful and active design, you can be more vibrant. External sand spinning transparent structure, so you look more lively and lovely, and the inner solid color sand spinning materials, so you also have lovely in the summer heat without Happy Together role. The outer layer of sand spinning pattern, all handmade, fine workmanship, and naughty mix, but also allows you to experience a wonderful feeling to return to childhood. Should you are a fan of British style, this dress can make you in the summer, you can also a big show of British style, make you more lovely, and keep returning surge.