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How earrings with

Earrings are dress up small props, whether it is going out, dating, jewelry,or work, parties, small earrings in the hairline next to the cheek flash flash, immediately touching. This little earrings also have a big mystery, with properly can make you become more feminine, but also reflect your taste. Now let’s take a look at its magic!
Romantic Heart Design Hoop Earrings Womens
Romantic Heart Design Hoop Earrings Womens
1, wear earrings Should pay attention to earrings and face, color, size, clothing and use of coordination, in order to achieve the best cosmetic results. And face, skin color and body coordination Gold and silver and jewelry Beihuan only pay attention to the ratio, shape, color coordination, in order to play a good dressing effect.
2, dress: choose fringed, not only by ear-shaped earrings arranged, echoing the feminine feminine dress.
3, loose-fitting clothing or coat: should be used without spike and button, multi-angle, irregular-shaped ear-shaped earrings attached to reduce the burden of negative sense.
4, dress: wearing a dress attending social occasions, choose the earrings. It is mostly spherical, water-shaped, heart-shaped, with a very short metal connected to the ear. Texture gorgeous dress pack, the best choice for the glittering gorgeous earrings echoed.
5, the national costume: the best choice for national style earrings, usually with beads arranged from the series, the color is gorgeous, retro, big or small, with the length.
From the structure into sub-nail type, ear clamp type; from the style points ear-type, ear-type; from the shape of sub-circle, square, triangular, irregular geometric shapes, etc .; from the suspension can be divided into the following Several:
Trendy Anchor Design Hoop Earrings Womens
Trendy Anchor Design Hoop Earrings Womens
Nail earrings: the most popular, the most common one, earrings through the ear hole in the ear, with the care in the ear fixed, generally ear piercing the initial time, are used with nail-like earrings.
Overhanging earrings: the use of two stud earrings hanging in the ear beads, usually accompanied by a string of jewelry for the embellishment, the length varies, some long down to the shoulder, decorated ornaments longer hanging earrings, usually used in grand occasions.
Ring-shaped earrings: 360-degree circle, the middle opening, through the pierced ears, the ancient gap Yuhuan mostly such ring-shaped earrings, said jade ornaments.
Hanging earrings: do not pierce the nail-like design, hanging in the back, this type of hanging gradually becoming popular.
Clips and magnet hanging earrings: not wearing ear holes are appropriate, some of the ring-shaped earrings will be designed to clip-like, sandwiched ear beads Gold Drop Earrings; granular or nail-shaped earrings generally use the characteristics of the magnet sandwiched ear beads.

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