Monday, February 6, 2017

How to wear jewelry according to the environment

Jewelry is not simply decorated, it is more expression of human thoughts and feelings of the silent art language. People in what the environment, what atmosphere, what to wear jewelry must be appropriate. No matter who, if you do not follow the environment ** vulgar to dress themselves, will appear with the environment of people, things, out of tune, you will see from the crowd’s eyes: not only did not get other people’s eyes, But often makes people misunderstand, make a joke.

Rose Gold Plated Korean Fashion Bracelets Womens Stainless Steel
Rose Gold Plated Korean Fashion Bracelets Womens Stainless Steel
If friends and family travel together, or spring sunny, or summer clear sky, or autumn high, or winter snow vast, are refreshing. Everyone can be free to wear, loose style, bright colors, but also stressed the relaxed, happy mood. At this point should be wearing the form of lively, simple shape, brightly colored jewelry, even more lively, natural, far from the effect is very good.

In the play game, relaxed and happy, to forget all the work, put on casual casual. Wear not afraid of bumps, clean up tight, such as non-shaking, non-fall style and ease of color modeling accessories, quite appropriate.

At the reception, can quickly catch the eye of the clothing than the “diamond jewelry.” “Diamond Diamond Necklace“, “Diamond Earring“, “Diamond Bracelet” or brooch, with its unique features, regardless of the light from any angle of the fold ** dazzling splendor, twinkling, more charming than the stars on the night sky.

Fashion Multilayers Leather Wrap Bracelets Unisex Stainless Steel
Fashion Multilayers Leather Wrap Bracelets Unisex Stainless Steel
In the wedding, birthday or blessing for a warm occasion, the two sides in the choice of jewelry should enter their respective “role.” Be blessed, especially the wedding of the newlyweds, should try to dress up pretty. The flashing diamond ring is the most pure love that can express love; elegant pearl necklace, the ear can not set off the wedding of tender and charming; beautiful corolla people will always be remembered in this sacred moment. The guests in order to express respect for the master and blessing, but also pay attention to dress, you can wear those auspicious, festive patterns of jewelry on the gorgeous costumes to contrast joy atmosphere. But the guests to the owner to “humble third”, not overwhelming.

Well-organized workplace, rhythmic tension, full of enterprising atmosphere for the cause, it should be linked to some not dragging its feet, simple lines close, color is not so rich and gorgeous jewelry, in order to add vitality to the work.

In a harmonious and comfortable family, as the housewife should wear some lines soft rounded, color is not that not aggressive jewelry, will be busy for a day outside the family to infinite warmth and love, so forget the day’s fatigue and trouble.

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