Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Necklace to wear to pay attention to eight with skills

Necklace with its generous, compact, warm and romantic dumping a large number of women. For centuries, the use of diamond necklace necklace and shoulder is the dream of women, whether it is noble or civilians, all with neck hanging diamond necklace for pride and pride. Now, pendants and necklaces with also pay attention to skills, diamond pendants with what necklace it? Different mix can show different beauty Oh! There diamond network to answer your diamond necklace with what pendants? Necklace to wear to pay attention to Eight with the skills Oh, so you can know how to mix with diamond necklace pendant.
Cute Fox Design Pendant Necklaces Womens Elegant Rose Gold
Cute Fox Design Pendant Necklaces Womens Elegant Rose Gold
Necklace length choice:
When you want to buy a necklace or pendant, the first thing to consider is the length of the position to reach **. Long necklace highlights its charm, while the short necklace highlights the neck curve of the United States, the following three main data for reference:
  1. Length 40cm, 16 inches
Just above the clavicle, focusing on the neck curve.
Face shape and necklace with:
We look at the different face shape of the person should wear what kind of necklace is appropriate.
  1. Oval is basically unrestricted, suitable for any shape of the necklace, only pay attention to the texture of the clothes, style match on it.
  2. round face of the person will choose the kind of elongated face feel the necklace. They are more suitable for long necklace or T-shaped necklace. Do not choose thick chain or short necklace. Also do not wear large stones or pearls.
Oval face is more suitable for thick necklace. Because the thick necklace can make the oval face of the length of the length of the shorter look.
Luxury Snake Shape Design Pendant Necklaces Womens Zirconia Stone
Luxury Snake Shape Design Pendant Necklaces Womens Zirconia Stone
  1. heart-shaped face wearing a thick necklace is also very good looking, or you can choose pearl necklace.
  2. Diamond face and oval similar, but more clear edges and corners, you can wear any shape of the necklace, as long as the line with the bride’s body shape.
6 square face need to lengthen and soften the face line through the fashion choker necklace, so you can use a T-shaped or simple pearl necklace.
  1. Rectangular face need to widen the feeling, so wear short necklace is appropriate.
  2. Triangle face and heart-shaped face similar, but more angular edges and corners. You can choose more eye-catching necklace or choose a soft necklace to weaken the facial edges and corners. Do not wear that kind of very sharp bottom necklace.
Now you should know what a diamond pendant necklace with it, if the necklace with properly, you can give us a lot of temperament to enhance the height, but if not important with the words, then we will let the temperament low Oh, Therefore, we must learn how to mix diamond pendants and pendants.

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