Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wearing jewelry of the ten principles

People wear different kinds of jewelry because they live in society, their living environment and work position are different, their identity, age, appearance, size, temperament, economic status and range of activities are different. To adapt to each individual characteristics and personality, give full play to their strengths, to cover up their weaknesses, in order to achieve the best aesthetic effect. In the preparation of wearing jewelry, the first should consider and the following aspects:

1. To consider the overall effect

To consider the overall effect, pay attention to the right, must not be superfluous. Such as wearing a beautiful collarless dress beauty, she wore hair bands, necklaces, brooches, earrings, bracelets, rings, exquisite waistband, leaving the beautiful bag, so many beautiful accessories together , The result is very bad. If the girl to remove the other decoration, leaving only a necklace, because wearing a collarless dress, necklace highlights the graceful lines of the girl's neck and skin. Emphasizing the main parts, while ignoring the other parts of this embellishment is not both generous and beautiful?
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Under normal circumstances, the body of the jewelry is best not more than three, unless the banquet.

Decorative decoration should be good at flexible

Decorative ornaments as ornaments, and clothing to match. To change the trend of the times, the flexibility to make the body clothing to add luster, coordination and support. Flexible to "popular" mainly decorative parts of the head should be from the head to the foot, looking before and after, so that all-round considerations, do not rigidly adhere to a particular position. Flexible to change the status quo, the choice of decorative ornaments with a variety of clothing styles to coordinate and improve the function of the applicable accessories.

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3. To pay attention to their own characteristics

Wear jewelry should pay attention to the factors that take care of the human body itself, with people's body hair, face, color and clothing coordination.

4. Note that different occasions

Wear jewelry, should be with the environment, the occasion to adapt. Different occasions for jewelry texture, style, form of different requirements, it should be taken in different ways reasonable wear.

5. Pay attention to the seasonal wear jewelry

Generally speaking, due to different seasons, for the texture of the ornament, color, form and wear and tear requirements are different.

6. Note the traditional habit

Wear jewelry should pay attention to customs around the habit, the traditional concept. Different regions of the people, the jewelry texture, color has a different preferences.
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7. Do not be mixed

Wearing earrings, it is best not to wear brooches or bracelets, as with the more sluggish, wear the same color series necklace or ring the most appropriate.

8. Wear glasses should pay attention

Women wearing glasses coupled with earrings pierced earrings (ear type), can make the face look elegant and refined, do not wear necklaces and brooches, so as to give people a sense of cumbersome.

9. The best set to buy

Economic license in the case of buying a necklace, it is best to buy the same color system at the same time or the same texture of the earrings, bracelets, so matching use.

10 attention to the overall coordination and coordination

Wear jewelry types and forms of a wide variety of ornaments and wear law, it is necessary to consider their people, their environment, but also consider the overall effect, pay attention to the relationship between many factors. Coordinated with the appropriate embellishment, in order to play the effect of wearing jewelry.

In today's era, jewelry has become an important embellishment of people's overall style, and people's temperament, looks, hair, clothing seamless, will be more elegant and beautiful, graceful.

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