Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Jewelry wear skills of occupation


Teachers, lawyers, executives and other people who wear business wear should choose a simple line, the shape is not an exaggeration of ornaments, in order to reflect the rigorous work and self-discipline. Artists such as designers, photographers, painters can choose more exaggerated, personalized and even alternative accessories, to express their free and romantic style.
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A. dress: dress is more than a grand occasion to attend the dress, such as reception, wedding, party and so on. So to choose expensive, fashion jewelry contrast with them. You can wear some of the more dazzling jewelry, such as diamond earrings, diamond brooches, ruby ​​pendants, etc., so that it will show superior and refined, noble gorgeous temperament. For the dress, the dazzling and stylish diamond is the most suitable, is never wrong choice.

B. Zhiye Zhuang: the workplace women work when the dress code to suit, uniform-based. Reflected in the solemn, capable temperament. Therefore, the shape of jewelry should not be too complicated, should choose the medium size, shape, simple lines of jewelry. Style is too complex or too expensive jewelry will give people a sense of overbearing. At the same time can not choose bright colors, modeling fancy jewelry, easy to give a sense of frivolous.

C. Fashion: the most diverse fashion style, jewelry with the most fun. Must be based on the style of fashion to choose the right jewelry, the purpose is to coordinate. Such as the design of feminine dress should be compared with soft style, small and chic jewelry; and Bohemian-style fashion should be wearing a more exaggerated style, more personalized style jewelry to show its free uninhibited style; traditional Chinese cheongsam Or Chinese-style clothing can choose the traditional design of jade diamond-studded series;

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