Friday, September 21, 2012

Great hunting: review

I’m a shopaholic and especially like shopping online.  Recently, I’m crazy about wholesale city. There are so many fashionable and charming clothing, shoes and accessories etc.  To me, it’s really a good shopping place as I can buy everything I need here. What’s more, the low price and good quality really attract me a lot.

Last two weeks, I bought a high waist slim dress from wholesale city and I received it today. The package was packed very well. When I opened it, I was so satisfied with this dress. The color and style are the same with the pictures showed on the site. What’s more, when I tried it on, I was so satisfied with this dress. Therefore, I can’t wait to share my dress with you here.

I bought this high waist dress due to my height. I’m a petite, so I have no beautiful and long legs. This high waist can elongate my body and make me look long. As for the fabric, it’s very comfortable to wear. And the length is just right.  There are no excessive thread ends.  It’s of exquisite workmanship. I like this dress so much. Besides, yellow is my favorite color and the color of this dress is exactly what I want. As a result, it can not only make me brighter but also can make me look prettier. Now, in order to match with this dress, I think I will buy a pair of heels and some accessories from wholesale city as well.
So, my friends, if you have any good suggestion, please tell me. I will be so thankful. Also, if you have a good shopping experience, please do not hesitate to write down your review. I am fond of shopping and keeping myself fashionable and beautiful everyday! Let’s show our beauty now.

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